Sales Consulting

Sales is the driving force behind revenue growth in every business organization. Not only does it take a certain caliber to perform in Sales, but it really does matter who you know at the end of the day.

Relationships are key to successfully enacting sales strategies, especially at the beginning stages of a new venture.  Having the right access to the right people in the right place truly makes a difference – and can be what dictates whether or not a potential opportunity is won or lost.

At tei Technology, we’ve taken our 50 years of global Sales experience across multiple industries and turned it into a science. Our firm brings the following to the table in any Sales Consulting engagement:

  • Strong Global Network
  • Proven Record of Revenue Growth
  • Efficient Sales Techniques
  • Effective Negotiation Skills
  • High Deal Close Rate

By working with tei Technology, our clients are able to leverage our network, relationships and sales expertise to generate revenue for their new and emerging products and services.

We have a successful track record of implementing the right strategies to help sales organizations grow. From training to lead generation to pipeline development, our firm can truly make an impact that affects the bottom the line.

If you are interested in learning more about our Sales Consulting services, we strongly encourage you to contact us or call us directly at 1 (512) 343 3605.

What We Offer

  • Lead Generation

    Finding, Recommending and Pursuing revenue generating leads.

  • Network Connections

    We have a well established global network of businesses and organizations our clients can leverage.

  • Sales Operations

    Analyze and streamline all sales operations aspects including pipeline stage effectiveness, stage duration, sales rep efficiency, lost opportunities, and won opportunities.

  • Sales Collateral Development

    Review of current sales tools/collateral and recommendations for improvement or the development of new sales material.

  • Sales Training

    Learn from our Sales Consultants the appropriate methodologies and tactics to close your deals faster.